63. Beta cell Protection, Repair & Regeneration

  • Pterocarpus has Beta cell protective, regenerative properties and FPG ICMR Human Study
  • Resveratrol significantly reduces IR & improves FPG  (2 Meta analysis)
  • Resveratrol  & Pterocarpus  induces Autophagy and protects β cells from Apoptosis

  • Gymnema regenerates β cells & increases number of β cells 
  • Curcumin increases Islets Cell Number & β Cell number per Islet 
  • Reduces inflammation and Oxidative Stress (ROS, RCS & RNS) and preserves Mitochondrial Funtion and ATP generations 
  • Resveratrol enhances PGC1a that triggers Mitochondrial Biogenesis 
  • Nrf2 regulates the expression of numberous ROS detoxifying enzymes

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