4 Things To Keep In Mind When You Are Monitoring Your Blood Sugar Levels

Millions of people around the planet are on specific diet plans and medication for high blood sugar or Diabetes control. This life threatening condition begs constant monitoring for one to have a proper risk perception and also to see the effect of the low-sugar diets and diabetes medications. In many cases, a diabetic patient will need to measure the blood glucose levels 4-5 times each day. One would literally have to live at a diagnostic centre for that to be done by professionals! But thanks to the technological revolution that has enabled millions of people around the world to keep a check on their sugar levels from the comfort of their homes through a glucometer.

This popularly available kit is especially a hit with patients of type 2 diabetes. A typical set contains:

-Lancets: Needles to draw blood

-Lancet holder: To firmly grip the needle

-Test strips: The strips are meant to collect the sample

-The glucometer: Strips with blood sample are entered in the meter to get the reading.


The lancet is fitted in the holder and a finger-tip is poked to draw a drop of blood that is collected on the strip. It is fed in the glucometer to get the glucose levels within 5-45 seconds (depending on the type of glucometer you use).While it is a very easy procedure, many small mistakes can cause the readings to go haywire.

Here are some basics that you should stick to when performing the test at home:

1 . Seek Doctor’s Advice For Choosing A Glucometer

Just being diagnosed with Diabetes does not entail buying the test kit. If you need one, your doctor will certainly prescribe so. Get professional help from the clinic or a diagnostic centre for choosing the brand best suited for you.

2 . Seek Help To Get Started

Get your physician/physician’s assistant to show you the correct way to perform the test. If you get the test wrong, chances are that your results will be incorrect and that is a time-bomb ticking away speedily. Clear instructions on the frequency of the test are equally important from the doctor.

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